My Church: More to Come

My Church: More to Come - Introduction

Pastor Nathan shares his heart for the church and discusses the overarching vision for Wooster Naz, which began decades ago.

"In my early years of pastoring Wooster Naz, while praying, and dreaming, I visualized a complex jigsaw puzzle slowly being assembled. The outer frame began to form, and then, pieces began spinning into place from every direction. I saw it clearly but had no idea how many pieces there would be in this puzzle."...

More to Come: Yost Family

Andy and Jessica share the ways Wooster Naz has been "home" to their family. Join them as they share how they have chosen to pour into the church that in turn pours into their family and the community.

"Within the walls of that church is where [our kids] are going to grow to know the Lord and be surrounded and supported by other believers. And with [this] campaign there's going to be room for them to spread out...and there's excitement in knowing there's more to come!"

More to Come: Grady Suggs Jr.

Grady shares his heart for the youth ministry at Wooster Nazarene and the ways the More to Come campaign will be a blessing to Thrive.

"To help [Thrive students] to realize what it is to worship... finishing the building will help give us the room to do that [and give them] their own space."

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