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Check-in Process:
In order to make sure that each child who attends our classrooms is safe and protected we have a security nametag system in place. This system must be used consistently to be effective. When you bring your child to class, you will sign them in on the sign in sheet provided as well as fill out a specialized name tag for them. Each 2-part name tag has a number on each part, one part for the child and another part for the parent. If you are needed during the service this number will be seen up on the screens in the front of the church. You must present your part of the sticker to the classroom volunteer when you pick up your child. Special allergy alert stickers are also available at the check in counter for children who have allergies.

Children in A Growing Place will be promoted to the next classroom when they have a birthday. Except for infants who will be promoted to the 1’s class when they are walking well and the kindergarteners who will be all promoted to NazKIDZ the 3rd week in August every year.

Wellness Policy:
All of our classrooms are for well children. Please keep your child with you in service if the following symptoms are displayed within the past 24 hours: fever, diarhea, vomiting, eye infections, lice, non-clear runny nose, rash.



  • Our infant room is staffed with individuals who have a tender heart for babies. We take great care to ensure that the infant room is a clean and safe place for your child.
  • Please bring items that will comfort your baby and be sure to label all pacifiers, blankets, bottles etc. with their name or initials on them. The attendant will record the instructions you give to properly care for your child.
  • Each child will have a numbered nametag placed on their back. If you are needed out of the service, the attendants will contact you by having that number put on the screens in front of the church. As part of our safety policy, you MUST have your numbered tag to pick up your child.
  • During each service the children will be checked for diaper changes. If your child needs a diaper change the attendant will place a “changed with love” sticker on the front of their diaper so you know if they were changed while at church.
  • There is a Mom’s Nursing Area within our infant room with 2 soft rocking chairs, a changing station and a sink for your convenience and comfort. All we ask is that you remove your shoes and leave them at the entrance before entering the room.

Toddlers & 2’s:

  • Our Toddlers and 2’s classes are filled with age appropriate toys and activities that will capture their attention. These classrooms are staffed with loving volunteers who understand that it is sometimes difficult to separate from mom or dad. They will take great care in helping your child feel comfortable in the classroom setting. You can check on your child’s progress through the window, but please be sneaky!
  • Some structure of a Bible story, snack, and activities begins in our 2 year old room. Throughout A Growing Place we emphasize 3 basic truths: God loves me, God made me and Jesus wants to be my friend forever.
  • If your child has any food allergies please fill out a red/white allergy sticker each week and inform the teacher. You may bring a snack that your child can enjoy within their diet.
  • Please bring extra diapers and a change of clothes for your child. Be sure to label pacifiers, cups etc. with your child’s name or initials. When your child receives a diaper change a “changed with love” sticker will be placed on the front of their diaper.

3’s, 4’s & K:

  • During the preschool years, there is much learning taking place. This is such a great time to begin saturating our kidz with God’s Word and sharing about His great love for them.
  • Small group time takes place in their age designated classrooms. 30 minutes into the service time, 3’s-K will gather together in Fellowship Hall B for worship, story, prayer and Bible memory time. Once they return to their classroom they will participate in fun follow up activities that emphasize the truth for that day.
  • Every month we focus on one of 3 basic truths: God loves me, God made me, and Jesus wants to be my friend forever
  • We do serve a small snack to the children. If your child has food allergies, please fill out a red/white allergy sticker each week and notify the volunteers. You may bring a snack for your child that fits into their diet plan.
  • Be aware of communication flyers that are on the sign-in counter for your information. Monthly Bible verse cards are also on the sign-in counter. Please take one verse each month to practice the verse at home or on the go.

Volunteer Positions:

A Growing Place is led by a group of amazing volunteers who give of their time to lovingly create a place where kids feel at home. On any given Sunday there are about 40 volunteers who team up to help our children grow in the Lord. Since many of our positions are on a rotating basis we have 75 volunteers in all! If you love children and Jesus and are interested in being a part of our team please contact  Gail Wright  and check out the opportunities below.

Teacher: is responsible for overseeing the needs of the children in the room and preparing given activities that enhance the theme of the day.

Teacher’s assistant: will look for ways to assist the teacher. They are encouraged to engage with the children during playtime, assist during clean-up time, snack time and help maintain order.

Storyteller: will present the Bible story to 3-6 year olds in a creative way that will be interactive and grab the attention of preschoolers.

Substitutes: will fill in for someone who is sick or out of town.

If you would like to volunteer with Lil’ Sprouts, please CLICK HERE to fill out an application form.



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