A Note from Pastor Nathan

Welcome to Wooster Nazarene!

A Note from Pastor Nathan

When I was growing up, my family would often assemble complex jigsaw puzzles. We especially loved to do this in the winter when school was canceled because of bad weather. Actually, I thought it was good weather. The more pieces that there were, the greater the degree of difficulty presented … the more we enjoyed the challenge. The project took a great deal of time and effort.

Anyway … we would begin by laying all the pieces on the dining room table picture-side-up. Then, we would gather all the flat-edged pieces together and would begin to work on the border. Slowly … piece by piece … the picture would begin to take shape. We all worked together until the puzzle was completed and every single piece had been properly placed.

In the early years of serving Wooster Nazarene, while I was praying, dreaming, thinking and seeking direction … this picture came to me. I visualized the Lord assembling a complex jigsaw puzzle out of “people-pieces” that were spinning in everywhere I looked. Some of these pieces were on the table, some were in the box, some were on the floor and some were appearing and spinning into place from thin air.

When I first saw it, the Lord was working on the border. I caught a glimpse of it, but it was not nearly completed so I had no idea of how big the puzzle would be. “People-puzzle-pieces” were spinning into place from every conceivable direction. It seemed chaotic until I began to see that all the sizes and shapes were snapping together with a perfect fit.

As the years have gone by, I have seen the wisdom and the hand of the Lord assembling Wooster Nazarene exactly in this way … just like a jigsaw puzzle. Under His keen eye and faithful care, the project continues to this day. “People-pieces” keep spinning into place as the Lord builds His church just like He said He would.

The Wooster Nazarene puzzle has not been completed, but it is definitely taking shape. It is truly exciting to see what God is doing and to be included in His plans and purposes here. When we place ourselves in the Master’s hand, completely surrendered to Him … there is no limit to what He can create and accomplish. He is amazing!

Words & Music by Kathy Frizzell
Copyright 2002

Build Your Church, Lord
Build it high
And write Your Holy Name across the sky
Build Your Church, Lord
Make it bold
To preach the Gospel to the young and the old
Build Your Church, Lord
Build it wide
So that many find refuge inside
Build Your Church, Lord
Make it strong
To proclaim to the nations Salvation's Song

It's not the concrete
It's not the steel
It is the people of God
Saying "yes" to Your will
It's not the mortar
It's not the clay
It is the Spirit of God
Filling hearts that obey!
Let Your glory come down to the earth
And build Your Church

We don't want to miss a moment
Of the moving of Your Spirit

Welcome to Wooster Nazarene!
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