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Naz Basics

In the Naz Basics course, we learn about the foundations of Christian faith, the mission and vision of Wooster Nazarene and the greater Nazarene Church, and the invitation for believers to find their place to belong and serve. There are 3 individual classes. Register for all, or just one or two. All 3 classes required for membership.

Basics classes are offered in-person on a regular basis throughout the year. Check out our Current and Upcoming Classes to register.

My Start teaches the nuts & bolts of what our faith in Jesus is all about. In this class we will drill down into what Salvation, the Bible, Worship, and Prayer are all about, and how they each are an essential part of our journey as believers in Jesus. Whether you said Yes to Jesus last week, or have been walking with Him for decades, is for you!

In My Church we will share the mission and vision of Wooster Nazarene. You will learn some history of our local church, the heart behind our mission statement, and the core of our values and strategy. This interactive class is a great way to learn more about the driving force behind everything we do as Wooster Nazarene.

Our My Place class is designed to share the beliefs of our Nazarene denomination, to cast the vision of where our church is headed to in the future & to give new partners the choice to join our team. This class is the launchpad for new members to get involved in Loving God, Loving People & Living Transformed as you attend & serve at Wooster Nazarene.

Would you prefer to take part in the Naz Basics Course online? Click the button below to complete My Start and My Church sessions anytime! Please note, the My Place class is offered only in person.

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