Making Change Through Generosity

We are in the middle of our stewardship lifestyle series called, “Making Change.” It is a direct challenge to remember that we are “wealthy” by the standards of this world because God has blessed us with more than we need. We are often tempted to look at those who have more without considering many more who have much less. God wants us to live generously!

As your pastor, I am sincerely asking you to consider joining Dixie and me as we talk and pray about giving a generous end-of-the-year Harvest Celebration Love Gift. This will be above and beyond our regular weekly return of God’s tithe and giving.

The Finance Strategy Team and Church Board have included this special Harvest Celebration Love Gift in our annual budget and have set a goal of $30,000. With massive participation, we can easily surpass our goal and head into the New Year with a positive financial surge.

• Begin to give regularly.
• Determine to give a percentage of your income.
• Double your present giving percentage.
• Return a full tithe [10%].
• Invest a double tithe [20%].
• Give a one-time love gift over and above your regular return.
• Business owners might give a special end-of-year gift.

If you believe in the Vision Frame: Mission, Values, Strategy, and Measures of Wooster Nazarene, please consider participating generously in this Harvest Celebration Love Gift 2021. We accomplish much together! This gift and/or pledge is requested on Sunday, November 21 and is intended to be fully paid no later than December 31, 2021.

Pastor Nathan Ward

Ready to Participate?

Please click the button below to be directed to our online giving page, and designate your gift on the “Harvest Offering” line. Pledge cards will also be available at the Info Center beginning November 21.

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